Aruba: Insider Advice

Lagoons in shallow Aruban waters


Boasting an impressive nine freestyle world titles, windsurfing champion Sarah-Quita Offringa has visited acclaimed beach destinations across the globe and contends her home of Aruba is the finest. To understand her conviction, we caught wind of this island ambassador’s favorite local outings. 

Best place to watch the sunrise?

Climb more than 500 steps to catch the sunrise on top of “Haystack” (Mount Hooiberg). It’s a great way to start your day!

Favorite beach? 

I think Baby Beach is beautiful, but you’ll find more tranquility if you head to the other side of the small peninsula to visit Rodger’s Beach. On your way to this southwest corner of the island, notice the amazing artwork decorating buildings in our cultural hotbed of San Nicolas.

First-rate dive site?

There is great scuba diving right from the shore at Mangel Halto. Reef walls with huge brain and elkhorn coral are teeming with angelfish and blue tang. It’s also a nice area for a picnic, surrounded by lush mangrove trees.


Best waters for the beginner windsurfer?

You’ll find world-class windsurfing instructors at Fisherman’s Huts (also known as Hadicurari Beach), where the shallow waters are ideal for trying your hand at the sport.

Recommendation for nature lovers?

Join a horseback riding or ATV tour through Arikok National Park. Aruba may be small, but a walk on the wild side of the island is beautiful!

Casual place to enjoy authentic Aruban fare?

Head up to Zeerovers in Savaneta for fish and pan bati (Aruban pancake) savored seaside. Or, if you’re downtown in Oranjestad, stop at The Old Fisherman to mingle with local residents.

White sand beaches of Aruba

Perfect place for cocktails?

On Palm Beach’s Pelican Pier, don’t miss The Pelican Nest happy hour. Its waterfront location is unmatched for enjoying a drink, having a dance and watching the sunset.

Authentic souvenir to bring home?

Take home our local Aloë Vera Aruba products that range from sunblock to lotions and shower gels. And drop in at Bula Surf Shop Aruba to get yourself a Bula cap or T-shirt — you will instantly become friends with anyone who recognizes the logo!