Wandering with Wonder in Great Britain


Rediscovering a childlike sense of wonder is as easy as watching the world through their eyes. When you follow the path through Great Britain — from its cosmopolitan city streets to the country roads within easy reach — every moment feels like a brand-new discovery.

London’s vibe is best experienced on the ground and in the moment, but first things first: those amazing views! The O2 arena, setting for the world’s most famous musicians, is climbable from the outside. Climb to the top viewing platform and overlook the entire city just as the sun goes down. Museum-hopping is a natural pastime with kids in London, and The National Gallery has the ideal antidote to jet lag at the same time. Open until 9 p.m. every Friday, this space is overflowing with more masterpieces than you could ever dream of seeing in a single evening. Gaze at works from Monet, Vermeer and van Gogh, and let these learnings inspire your own lively discussions. 

A Must Do in Scotland?
Meet the country’s hairy and lovable Highland cows — or, as Scots call them, Highland coos! Iconic, cute and extremely photogenic, these gentle animals can be found all across Scotland, even on the islands.

At last, you can discover what a snozzberry really tastes like! The “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-inspired afternoon tea at One Aldwych is a whimsical, magical time for everyone. Indulge your sweet tooth with whipple-scrumptious cake pops and minty chocolate milk mixed by a waterfall. Magic is everywhere in London, especially when you walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. See how the beloved stories went from pages to a screen, from Platform 93/4 to Diagon Alley and the Great Hall.

North From London

Hold on to that feeling of magic as you venture from London to Alnwick Castle in Northumberland. You’ll recognize the turreted stone exterior as the site where Harry Potter first hopped on a broom and crash-landed a flying car. You can even learn to fly by taking a broomstick training session!  If Harry Potter is still on your mind, continue north to Scotland. The Jacobite Steam Train, which crosses the Glenfinnan Viaduct, was made famous by films, and it’s considered one of the world’s most scenic railways. Running 84 miles, this historic steam train delivers you from Britain’s highest mountain to Europe’s deepest seawater loch.

Southern Exploration

Perhaps your interests will take you southwest of London. On the UNESCO listed Jurassic Coast, 185 million years of history continues to emerge. It’s a captivating place for fossil hunters of all ages, best experienced in winter when the rough waters erode the rocky coast. Or simply make your way between charming seaside towns where several museums display fossils and bones from dinosaurs and other ancient reptiles. On the very southerly tip of England lies Cornwall, a wild and sandy peninsula that draws families year after year. Wend between small coastal communities, artist communities and surfers’ beaches, and then make your way to another astonishing place: the Eden Project. This innovative collection of biomes harbors distinctive ecosystems — from rainforests to mangrove swamps to treetop gardens — will have you and your young ones clamoring to learn more at every turn.

History meets adventure when you travel to Wales. The medieval fortress of Caerphilly is one of the great structures of medieval Europe, bringing history to life before your eyes. A ride aboard the Welsh Highland Railway is the United Kingdom’s longest heritage railway, stretching for 25 miles from under a castle’s walls in Caernarfon.

Let us tailor a journey through Great Britain that inspires travelers of every age and interest, and you’ll create memories to reminisce about for years to come. 

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