Tips for Group Tours with the Family

If you’re excited to show young ones the world or explore dream destinations with your best friends, traveling as part of a group can elevate a busy vacation into a flawlessly executed journey. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of your guided vacation.

1. Get to know locals (in unexpected places!)

It’s a rare occasion to say that you dined with a count in his Tuscan olive oil estate. Or that you traveled deep into Costa Rica to meet a palm farmer and his wife, who shared a personal recipe from her kitchen. Exclusive interactions like these create deep connections to people and places you may never have discovered on your own.

2. Embrace offbeat experiences during the tour

Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they hoist their swords to combat Roman gladiators, or paint Venetian masks to bring home as treasured souvenirs. A Costa Rica jungle adventure may take you into the treetops on a zip line and suspension bridges, and you’ll hear personal tales from a Monteverde local. No matter what you choose to do, your kids will have such a good time they won’t even realize they’re learning while they play.

3. Learn life lessons 

In the heart of a Costa Rican rainforest, you’ll meet a family of conservationists who have made it their mission to protect 55 acres of land using initiatives such as solar power, rainwater catchments and natural air conditioning. These are life lessons that will stay with you, impacting your perspective of the world and how you travel in the future.

4. Enjoy your leisure time

Guided vacations pack in plenty of activities, yet free time is naturally built in. Enjoy it! Settle in for a leisurely breakfast in Boston before venturing to Fenway Park, and take a break by the Liberty Bell before regrouping for a casual outing to taste test authentic Philly cheesesteak. Optional excursions throughout your vacation mean that you always have choices: follow your expert guide on a curated outing, explore on your own or simply retreat to your hotel for some downtime.

5. Trust your guides

Experts lead the way on guided vacations, and you can rely on their insights to personalize your journey. Whether introducing you to a local artisan, revealing a hidden treasure or simply helping you to plan your day, they are your ideal friend and companion. Let these experts point you to the best restaurants to suit your style, whether you’re seeking the trendiest new spot with friends or a family-friendly place with swift service.

6. Maximize your time

Traveling with a group means enjoying VIP access at every turn. Skip the lines to view the revered masterpieces within the Vatican Museum. In Venice, you can join a small group and bypass the queues to spend more time exploring the ornate halls of the Doge’s Palace and the frescoed ceilings of St. Mark’s Basilica.

7. Get to know one another

As you spend quality time with your loved ones, being part of a guided tour also creates unlimited opportunities to meet likeminded travelers. You’re sure to create new friendships as you share once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Swap travel tales on a nocturnal stroll to see Costa Rica’s nesting sea turtles in their natural habitats, or on a drive through the Tuscan countryside on your way to dinner presented with local wines and live music.

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