Coast to coast through the Panama Canal

Sail coast to coast through the Panama Canal & live large in New Orleans with just announced sailings from Royal Caribbean

Just announced– Royal Caribbean is coming back to New Orleans!!!! Get ready to welcome the Vision of the Seas to New Orleans on December 15, 2018 sailing 7-night Bahama and Western Caribbean itineraries. 
Before arriving in New Orleans, spice it up with two, 16-night Panama Canal sailings. This will be the first time in three years that Royal Caribbean will journey through this engineering marvel. 

• November 13. 2018: Miami to Los Angeles 
• November 29, 2018: Los Angeles to New Orleans

No matter the size of the vessel, traversing the entire canal is an extraordinary experience. You’ll probably want to stay on deck most of the time to observe the Panamanian countryside as well as to hear the bilingual canal guide describe the passage and recount the canal’s fascinating history.  Most cruise ships pass through the canal during the day, when passengers can appreciate the natural beauty of the countryside and Gatun Lake. But a night crossing won’t be disappointing: Lights reflecting in the water and the shadowy shapes of other ships gliding by lend an eerie, almost dreamlike quality to the experience